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movement research is one of the world's leading laboratories for the investigation of dance and movement-based forms. Valuing the individual artist and their creative process and vital role within society, Movement Research is dedicated to the creation and implementation of free and low-cost programs that nurture and instigate discourse and experimentation. Movement Research strives to reflect the cultural, political and economic diversity of its moving community, including artists and audiences alike.

This is a Movement Research Studies Project titled “When the Creation Changes its Creator,” moderated by Sondra Loring and KJ Holmes. Panelists included Julie Carr, Danielle Goldman, Julyen Hamilton, Miguel Gutierrez, and Jodi Melnick. This event took place at Jimmy’s No. 43, November 30, 2011.

5 talkers tackled the ticklish subject of terpsicorian investigation. Is there room for passion and discipline? What part does courage and patience play in the connection between an artist and their work?

This event was produced as part of the Movement Research Festival Fall 2011: DEVOTION/RIGOR/SUSTAINABILITY, curated by Sondra Loring and KJ Holmes.

 About the Movement Research Festival 
The Movement Research Festival finds its roots in the Improvisation Festival/New York (IF/NY), initiated in 1992 by Sondra Loring (a MR Artist-in-Residence at the time) and Julie Carr. For five years (1999-2003), Movement Research hosted the IF/NY as one of its programs, under the curation of Programming Director Amanda Loulaki. In 2004, Movement Research created an artist-curator format and beginning in 2006, Movement Research established the festival as a twice-annual event. The fall festival is shaped by Movement Research’s programming staff in collaboration with Festival Curators, who bring their own interests and ideas to specific festival events. The spring festival is produced by a group of artist-curators who determine the emphasis, shape, and programming. Together, these two approaches allow for a varied investigation and exploration into current artistic concerns and reflect Movement Research’s mission of valuing artists, their creative process and their vital role within society.

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This is the Movement Research Town Hall Meeting, moderated by Kyle deCamp with panelists Michelle Boule, Matthew Rogers, and Becky Serrell Cyr. This event took place at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, November 15, 2011.

The 2010 Revival of the Movement Research Town Hall meeting dove into the nature and manner of movement research being conducted by our present-day artists community. Movement Research and its Artist Advisory Council led a follow-up discussion regarding sustainability as it relates to research, career, value, and time. 

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Anna and Rebecca led a discussion on the topic of parenting and its influence on one's creative life. They posed the questions: How can the journey of parenthood inspire and be additive to an artist's lifestyle? Are there parenting challenges specific to the dance community? Is there anything we can do as a community to better support one another? Tips were shared on how to find balance between our professional and private lives. Participants included new and veteran parents as well as those contemplating parenthood , and those simply interested in this topic.

Studies Project is an artist-curated series of panel discussions, performances, and/or other formats that focus on provocative and timely issues of aesthetics and philosophy in the intersection of dance and social politics, confronting and instigated by the dance and performance community.

After this discussion, Anna and Rebecca started a google group intended to support dance parents called “Dance Artist Parent,” and would like to invite interested individuals to join. You can find them by searching google groups for “dance artist parent” or by e-mailing

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