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Dramaturgy as Practice/Dramaturgy in Practice
Conceived by Amanda Loulaki and Susan Mar Landau

Center for Performance Research, May 5, 2013.

A roundtable discussion with Thomas F. DeFrantz, Susan Mar Landau, André Lepecki and Katherine Profeta. The dramaturg as an active participant in the conceiving and making of movement based works is a relatively new and evolving phenomenon, as well as one that can be both mysterious and suspect. Conceived as a two-part event, Dramaturgy as Practice/Dramaturgy in Practice will explore both the ontology and the workings of dance dramaturgy today. Precluded by a short history of the topic, the first event will bring together a diverse group of working dramaturges to discuss their experiences and the possible implications of their role in the choreographic process. The second event, to take place in the fall, will open the conversation to include choreographers in an in depth discussion on the practice of dramaturgy.

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