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movement research is one of the world's leading laboratories for the investigation of dance and movement-based forms. Valuing the individual artist and their creative process and vital role within society, Movement Research is dedicated to the creation and implementation of free and low-cost programs that nurture and instigate discourse and experimentation. Movement Research strives to reflect the cultural, political and economic diversity of its moving community, including artists and audiences alike.

November 29, 2017

With panelists from Chinatown Art Brigade (est. 2015), South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (est. 1997), and Yellow Jackets Collective (est. 2015). These collectives organize multi-ethnic Asian communities across language barriers in an increasingly gentrified and art market-driven Chinatown, connect and showcase South Asian women artists and creative professionals, and center POC/Queer/Femme/marginalized communities through political education, nightlife events, and queer archiving.

In open conversation with attendees, collectives will address: How do we do cultural work? How do we resist institutions? What Asian artist-activist legacies shape our organizing and our histories? What are our communities’ most pressing needs? This event took place on November 29, 2017 as a part of the Fall Festival 2017: invisible material.

Studies Project is an artist-curated series of panel discussions, performances, and/or other formats that focus on provocative and timely issues of aesthetics and philosophy in the intersection of dance and social politics, confronting and instigated by the dance and performance community.


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November 7, 2017

Collaborators Pramila Vasudevan and Piotr Szyhalski, invite artists, Salome Asega and Jill Sigman, to participate in a facilitated dialogue about the responsiveness of artistic practice to pressing sociopolitical and ecological concerns of our time. Through artist-led presentations that will detail a range of interdisciplinary strategies, this Studies Project will share how arts practitioners are making political interventions while challenging formal expectations around legibility, site-specificity, and linearity. This event took place on November 7, 2017


Movement Research works in partnership with local, national, and international organizations to create opportunities that spur interaction and exchange among choreographers and movement based artists through residencies, workshop exchanges, informal showings, and discussions.

Pramila Vasudevan’s NYC Residency is made possible by the McKnight Choreographer Fellowship Program, administered by the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts and funded by The McKnight Foundation, in partnership with Gibney Dance Center, The Playground, and Movement Research. Pramila Vasudevan is a 2016 McKnight Choreographer Fellow.


Studies Project is an artist-curated series of panel discussions, performances, and/or other formats that focus on provocative and timely issues of aesthetics and philosophy in the intersection of dance and social politics, confronting and instigated by the dance and performance community.


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April 29, 2017

This conversation will take a detailed look at the culture around child-rearing as a performer. How do structures and attitudes in the field invite and support or discourage and overlook the choice to be primarily a dancer, rather than a dance-maker? In a dance economy focused on finding support for choreographers, what are the concrete ways performers are finding to navigate parenting and dancing?

Moderated by Nia Love 

With Anna Azrieli, Peggy Cheng, Heather Olson Trovato, Samantha Speis and Sarah White-Ayón

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 Movement Research Studies Project, "Passage a dialogue with doulas, dancers, and caregivers" - June 7, 2016

Moderated by Risa Shoup with panelists Anna Carapetyan, devynn emory, Robert Kocik, and iele paloumpis.

This Studies Project will bring together dance artists who also work in the field of care-giving: end-of-life, beginning-of-life, navigators of illness and wellness. Why do many dancers become doulas? What is the overlap between guiding bodies through the cycles of life, and guiding bodies through space? What is it that draws dance artists to this profession? How do we acknowledge the specific needs of different communities and that all care is not equal/universal?







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Movement Research Studies Project, "Diversity and Accountability: A conversation with the MR Artists of Color Council" - November 2, 2016

With Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Alicia Ohs, Lisa Parra, Marýa Wethers and Tara Aisha Willis.

The artists driving this new Movement Research initiative open their current conversations to a wider audience, sharing thoughts on the Council’s mission and their experiences as artists of color within Movement Research’s programs. In support of accountability efforts underway within Movement Research and working towards two-way transparency, the Council invites the concerns of the community around cultural diversity, equity, and sustainable structural integration into the space.






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Movement Research Studies Project, "Back to School with Teaching Artists" - October 11, 2016

Initiated and Hosted by Diana Crum, Director of MR's Dance Makers in the Schools Program.

Using the context of the Movement Research lineage and community as a base to move out from, this roundtable discussion is an opportunity for teaching artists to gather and share their current ideas, inspirations, and practices. We'll kick off the conversation with invited guest speakers Mariangela Lopez, Jules Skloot and Adrienne Westwood. 





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Movement Research Studies Project, "Does the Dance Field Make Room for Parenting" - October 11, 2016
Initiated and moderated by Nami Yamamoto and Netta Yerushalmy 

With Yanira Castro, Rebecca Davis, Ursula Eagly, Shannon Hummel, Craig Peterson, Stacy Spence and Donna Uchizono.

We discussed and examined the culture around child-rearing in our field - in what ways do structures and attitudes in the field integrate and invite this choice and in what ways do they, often unconsciously, ignore or discourage this reality? How are artists who are also parents perceived? What are some of the concrete decisions and conditions individuals in the field employ to make it work? 





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Movement Research Studies Project, "Body Disrupt" - May 18, 2016
Initiated and moderated by Kathy Westwater 

With Mat Fraser, Petra Kuppers, Marissa Perel, Cathy Weis, and Wendy Whelan

Artists with disabilities and artists whose work disrupts normative notions of what constitutes a dancing body will come together in conversation. We will consider the artistic work of the panelists and how it opens up possibilities for dance to move beyond narrow historical paradigms to include a more expansive range of physical experience and formal content. 



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Movement Research Studies Project, "Puppetry and Dance" - April 5, 2016
Conceived by Nami Yamamoto

With Patti Bradshaw, Chris Green, Dan Hurlin, Christopher Williams, Nami Yamamoto

Panelists will discuss their various perspectives on the integration of puppetry and dance in live performance. Like dance, puppetry is a hands-on, physical art form. What happens when the puppet appears onstage? This conversation will explore how artists are bringing these two forms together in unique ways and how they complement and inform one another. 


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Movement Research Studies Project, "An Artist Conversation between Nelisiwe Xaba and David Thomson" - December 1, 2015
Part of Movement Research Festival Fall 2015: vanishing points, curated by Beth Gill and Cori Olinghouse

This event was an informal introduction to choreographer Nelisiwe Xaba who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and was a participating artist in the festival. David Thomson led a live interview and discussion with Xaba around the political and aesthetic resonances in her work.